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About T.M. Dobson

If there is one thing that T.M. Dobson, or Tim to his Friends, strives to do, it is to help. Whether it is helping a friend move or to give advice concerning avoiding pitfalls from his own life, he is always ready and willing to give assistance in any way he can. As a writer, he has always been drawn to stories with deep emotions and heroes worthy of emulating. With a view of the lessons of history as his guide, he looks to the future and the better world he can help create by being the change that he wants to see in the world.


Read, Write, Live, Critique

May 7, 2020

Check out his YouTube Channel to catch the latest video on how to become the writer that you are able to become. come as you both learn from those who are experts in their field, or from those whose own extraordinary journey has taught them lessons we all should learn from.


I write for the unlearned about things in which I am unlearned myself.

-C. S. Lewis

This channel is coming soon!